All of Our Teammates are Ninja Specialists, Including some from American Ninja Warrior

JARED GREER - Grandview, Texas

President / Owner Operator of Overcoming Obstacles Ministries

Jared is a former youth pastor veteran (12 years) that has also competed on American Ninja Warrior 3 times! He is married to the love of his life, Sally, and has 2 sons – Micah and Bennett. He has his BA in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Pastoral Ministry from East Texas Baptist University. He loves trying to use every opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the world. He started Overcoming Obstacles Ministries with the help of his church and friends in 2016. It became a 501c3 non-profit in 2017 and is now operating strong reaching thousands with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

kENDALL ORTEZ - Dallas, Texas

Ninja Extraordinaire!

Kendall is the youngest member of our team! He brings so much energy and life to everything he does. He also beats most of us on a regular basis! Kendall has competed two times on American Ninja Warrior and has advanced to the National Finals in Las Vegas in Season 11. Kendall is a full-time Car Interior Repair Man. But in reality – Kendall is a FULL-TIME Ninja!

JAMES GROSS - McKinney, Texas

Ninja Evangelist and Speaker

The best way to describe James is to say that he lives in the moment. James is going to give 110% to each person he encounters and it’s an incredible thing to experience. He is married to Madison Gross and has 4 beautiful children. He is a PHENOMENAL athlete. He played semi-pro football for years and is now the Head Ninja Coach at Strong Ninja Gym in Dallas Full-Time. James has a strong calling on his life to serve in ministry and he has the spiritual gift of evangelism. At our events He leads several to the Lord. Oh. and lest we forget, He also has a great voice! There isn’t much James can’t do!

NATE BURKHALTER - Houston, Texas

Ninja Speaker and Athlete

Nate is the most decorated athlete of the Overcoming Obstacles team. while that is cool and all, the best part about Nate is his passion for life and his genuine spirit. He is an adventure enthusiast and loves a good adrenaline rush! He has his BA in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Business Management from Louisiana Tech University and has competed on American Ninja Warrior 5 times! He persevered through many challenges to qualify for the finals in Las Vegas two times! In Season 11 he has his breakthrough where he BEAT Stage 1. Then he BEAT Stage 2 after battling food poisoning the ENTIRE night before the event. Nate has a God-given world class ability to speak and share his God stories with the world. In 2020 Nate had a rare opportunity to compete on a Latin American TV Show called “Exatlon.” After SEVERAL obstacles, Nate ended up beating the odds and won the entire show. Nate is the first to give God glory for all of his accomplishments.

JON STEM - Claremore, oklahoma

Ninja Youth Pastor, Evangelist, and Speaker

Jon and his wife Jen serve at Claremore Assembly of God in Claremore, Oklahoma. Jon is the youth and music minister. He has his BA in Preaching and Evangelism from Central Bible College and an MA in Theological Studies from, Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Jon brings Overcoming Obstacles to the northern Oklahoma region! He is the newest member of the Overcoming Obstacles team and has competed on American Ninja Warrior 2 times. He has qualified for the Nation Ninja League National Finals as well!! Even Jon’s dad, Jim, has competed on American Ninja Warrior! Jon and Jen have 2 precious kids. Jon grew up in Mongolia and Alaska where his parents were full-time missionaries!

sally greer- grandview texas

Ministry development coordinator (volunteer)

Sally is the glue that holds this team together. She has a BA in Psychology. She has helped Jared lead in youth ministry for 12 years. Her full-time job is raising two crazy ninja boys! On top of all of that, she is an accomplished artist. Sally volunteers to serve Overcoming Obstacles in numerous ways. She mostly helps Jared keep things organized and focused on our mission. She loves to reach out to the other members of the team to help them with their spiritual and emotional health. She also helps Jared develop messages and helps discern how to communicate our vision.

Beverly papan- grandview, texas

Administrative assistant

Beverly and her husband, Paul, are the swiss army knife of ministry! They can do it all. Paul and Beverly served with Jared and Sally in youth ministry as volunteers at FBC Grandview. Beverly helped Jared organize so many events at the church that he knew he needed her assistance when he started Overcoming Obstacles. Beverly keeps the books, makes contracts, and helps keep things organized. Paul and Beverly have become family to the Greers!

board members

There isn’t enough room to write the amount of appreciation the Overcoming Obstacles Team has for the Overcoming Obstacles Board of Directors. They are the most selfless, servant minded people we have ever met. Their willingness to give their time, resources, skills, and finances to keep Overcoming Obstacles running strong is unparalleled. These guys have become some of my best friends.

greg firebaugh

board member


sam buzzard

board member


david self

board member


paul papan

board member


The Overcoming Obstacles launched in 2016. What began as a fun one-time hobby has transformed into something much bigger. In 2018 Overcoming Obstacles was registered as an official 501c3 organization.
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